iPhone Repair

Our affordable prices and on the spot iphone repair walk-in made us the leader in this industry to provide best quality products and fastest replacement lcd and glass doesnt matter what model you carry, Our experience staff fully aware of how to fix software and hardware problems. If you previously gone to other places and they have no clue what to do when error like 47 or 53 and other common problem -1 or even 29 comes in, We have no issue receiving bricked phones. You can also check out our training area where our most experience instructors teach courses on how to fix smartphone and tablet, and iphone is one of our favorite when it comes to fix software and hardware issues like main board logic board problems, water damage and more.


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Cell Phone Repair Mississauga

We offer Cell phone Repair Mississauga on the spot, Every smartphone broken glass cracked lcd We can replace it while you wait. over 15 years in business experience staff, affordable prices for every issue you might have. please call us at 905-361-1249 or 416-831-5257 and if your phone is not under your warranty plan then you dont have to worry about getting it fixed, We have the solution for you.  free quote , work done from fully certified staff., all types of cell phone screen replacement glass replacement and other issues can be fixed on the spot. We are a well known company for fixing all mobile phones wireless smartphones in Canada , trusted name Kmaster.

Iphone repair mississauga, samsung phone screen repair ipad repair and our blackberry repair center

Kmaster Electronics Walk-in On The Spot Cell phone Laptop Repair

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Blackberry Repairs

Now more easier than before for BLACKBERRY REPAIRS Walk-in where customer bring their broken devices in our blackberry service center mississauga 

Blackberry Repair Available for

  • Blackberry Passport Repair
  • Blackberry Classic Repair
  • Blackberry Z30 Q10 Repair
  • Blackberry Dtek 50 Repair
  • Blackberry Dtek 60 Repair
  • Blackberry KeyOne Repair
  • Blackberry Motion Repair


Blackberry Repair Walk-in Service Center Location in Ontario

  1. Kmaster Electronics
  2. Blackberry Repair Mississauga
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iPhone 8 Repair

As always Kmaster is the first to offer any latest iphone model fix here we are letting everyone know tha iphone 8 repair is available from kmasterelectronics.com where we can replace your screen quick

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iPhone 6 Repair

Anything we can fix if you are looking to get an iphone 6 repair on the spot in less than an hour at http://kmasterelectronics.com where every phone we offer on the spot. If you have the cracked glass or even need a charging fix quick then simply bring it to us we will fix it immediately.

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Google PIxel Repair

Google pixel repair available from us you can visit: www.kmasterelectronics.com to get your Google latest model fix. Please visit contact us to see where we are located.

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Blackberry Dtek 50 Repair

When it comes for anyone looking for dtek 50 repair our company name always comes in for the blackberry expert. Since 1998 Kmaster is the only company supporting BlackBerry company for all the corporate clients in Canada. You can check our http://blackberryrepair.ca or http://www.blackberryrepairtoronto.ca and repairblackberry.com or even any city you live in just type Kmaster blackberry you will see all about blackberry products. We are the expert professinal who knows real software and hardware with any blackberry devices.

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Lg Phone Repair

Talking about lg phone repair Kmaster is never behind to offer fast on the spotl lg g3 g4 g5 g6 screen replacment. You can simple bring your device to us to get it fix quick.

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iPhone 7 Repair

What’s more important? Quality. We offer iphone iphone 7 repair with our best quality screens in stock. Ejob we do we make we make sure everything is working before we hand it to in your hand. Fast reliable and professional screen replacement available in our center.

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